A Quick and Easy Guide to the Best Deer Hunting Rifles

For deer hunting with a rifle, it is essential that you make the right purchase. Obviously, you want a rifle to fit your physical statute and skill level but also a rifle that is going to produce a quick kill. Additionally, since you will be walking the land over different terrain you want a rifle that is lightweight and easy to handle. To buy a deer hunting rifle you could visit a local firearms store or go directly to the manufacturer. However, save money, you could buy both new and used rifles through classified advertisements in the paper, as well as online, at pawn shops and gun shows.

To get you started in the right direction, the following rifles are considered to be among the best for deer hunting.

• Savage Model 110 – While not particular handsome, this Savage model is extremely accurate. The design features a barrel locknut, box magazine that can be attached or detached, an adjustable trigger and three-position thumb safety.

• Browning A-Bolt II – Another popular type of rifle used for deer hunting is this Browning. The rifle provides smooth operation and the high gloss finish on the stock made of genuine walnut along with the rosewood forend tip makes this an attractive piece. Hunters also appreciate the 22-inch barrel, 60-degree bolt operation and lightweight design, weighing only 6 pounds 11 ounces. This rifle is available in several variations as well as standard and magnum calibers.

• Winchester Model 70 – Without doubt, Winchester has long been a favorite choice. Winchester launched this model during the 1990s, which is similar to the pre-64 model. The rifle comes in several variations and grades and is loaded with features. For instance, this deer hunting rifle comes with a box magazine that can be attached or detached (with or without the hinged floor plate), a three-position safety on bolt and adjustable trigger.

• Remington Model 798 – This Remington rifle is another popular choice. The design was inspired by the Mauser 98 type action this rifle. The 798 is affordable and made with a machined steel receiver with integral recoil lug. Other features include a fixed ejector, full-length extractor, one-piece bolt with integral bolt guide, adjustable trigger, one-piece steel magazine box and bottom iron, hinged steel floor plate and 22-inch barrel. This coupled with the attractive brown laminated hardwood stock and you have a great deer hunting rifle.
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• Sako 85 – It has only been in recent years that this deer hunting rifle became available within the United States. Sold by Beretta, this rifle comes in a number of variations and different action lengths. In addition, the rifle has a relatively short bolt throw great for follow up shots if needed.


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