Netflix Review – 10 Reasons to Join Netflix

Being a Netflix member has many ups and a few downs, but what doesn’t. In my opinion, its ups are way higher than its downs are low. To clarify, I love getting to watch more movies than I’ve ever had the ability to watch.

So what’s the big deal?
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Why is Netflix so great? If you’re thinking about joining, here are 10 great reasons to join.

1. Netflix Has So Many Movies

Have you ever walked through a video store for so long you just get frustrated. You want a good movie, but you just can’t find one. Well, Netflix puts the movies you want at your fingertips. Just type in a title and search away.

2. Netflix is Easy to Use and Convenient

No more trips to the video store then… now the movies come to you. After you’ve found the movies you want, guess what you have to do? Nothing! The most you’ll have to do is walk to your mailbox to get your movies out.

3. Netflix is Cheap

You’ll be spending much less money for way more movies. If you rented the amount of movies you can get from Netflix at such a low price, you’d spend a fortune. This means you get to watch all the movies you want for a much lower price.

4. Netflix has a 14-Day Free Trial

Even if you’re not so sure about joining, you can try it out for 2 weeks and at least see how it goes. If it’s not for you, just cancel, but at least you’ll get to see how the process works and how easy it is to get your movies.

5. Netflix Allows You to Download Movies to Your Computer

Even better, you can buy products that will allow movies to stream directly to your TV! This means absolutely no waiting. Granted, the selection is less (12,000 and growing) but Netflix is adding more and more titles. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the authority for online movie downloads in the near future.

6. Netflix Delivers Quickly

With 47 shipping centers in the US, you’ll get your movie within 1 day usually. This is way faster than other similar services.

7. Netflix Does Not Edit Its Movies

Don’t you hate when you’ve rented a movie and you’re waiting for that one scene everyone has told you about and the movie ends and you never got to see that scene? You just watched the edited version of the movie! You won’t have to deal with that frustration with Netflix. All of its DVDs are unedited.

8. Netflix is a Social Network

It’s like MySpace for movies. You’ll get to see what other people are watching, connect with like-minded movie lovers, make and receive suggestions and more. Basically, you get access to millions of other movie lovers!

9. Netflix Considers Your Children

Netflix will allow your children to log in and choose the movies they want. However, you, as their parent, can edit and block access to certain types of movies. This will prevent them from watching something inappropriate and allow them to watch the shows they want at the same time.


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