Yorkie Puppy Training – Lead Or Be Led

Stubborn Yorkie? Yorkie Doesn’t Respond To Her Name? Just Stepped In Another Puddle Or Something Even Worse In Your Home?
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Yorkie Got You Running Around In Circles? Read On…

Yorkie puppy training starts with the one common mistake Yorkie owners make the most often. That common mistake is ‘giving your Yorkie attention at the wrong time’. Let me give you an example.

Say your Yorkie is jumping up and down your leg, you take your little puppy off your leg and put her on the ground. As you do this you say ‘her name and say no bad puppy’.

What does your Yorkie actually hear? Your Yorkie hears something very different. Your puppy hears ‘when I jump up and down my owners leg, guess what, I get attention, I love attention I think I should jump up and down legs more often’. Hence the cycle starts and continues on.

Yorkie puppies rely on their instincts and naturally have something called ‘pack mentality’. As a fundamental part of your Yorkie puppy training you need to establish yourself as the ‘Alpha Dog’ of the house. This is absolutely critical, other wise your Yorkie puppy will never listen to anything else you teach her.

To Establish Your Dominance:

1. Always be the first to leave and enter your house before your Yorkie

2. Be the first to eat your meal and let your puppy know it.

3. Do not allow your Yorkie puppy to sleep in your bed or sit in your chair and be at a level higher than you.

4. If you happen to walk past and your Yorkie is laying in your way always move the puppy and never walk around her.

5. If your Yorkie potties in your home by accident, never clean it up in front of her.

These steps are just some of the fundamentals to establish dominance. This is not cruel or unkind, in fact your Yorkie will appreciate. Your Yorkie wants to know what is expected of her.

This type of Yorkie puppy training relies on positive re-enforcement i.e. giving praise when your Yorkie does the behaviour you are happy with. You do not need to scold or punish your puppy, ever.


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