3 or more Keys to Penny Stock Trading to get Profit

In the wonderful world of stock trading, penny stocks are often looked down upon by “big” investors. Sometimes it’s because of ego, but also is simply due to the fact that they can’t shift fluidly with these stocks. For the rest of all of us non-billionaires these stocks offer an ideal opportunity.

Tip One: Understand What Stocks Are and Aren’t

Penny stocks are usually stocks for smaller companies. Nevertheless , this doesn’t mean you need to trade stocks that are “micro pennies. ” In fact, stocks under $5 can meet the criteria if their market capitalization is lower. Honestly, I almost never trade stocks that are 50 cents or below. Why?
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There’s no reason to and you’ll find most of the “bad issues” happen with those cheap stocks.

Tip Two: No Long-Term Investing

Remorseful, you’re not going to find the next Wal-mart in these stocks. Sure it “could” happen, but why waste valuable time? To make a profit all you have to do is definitely trade. Don’t worry about where a company will be in 2, 3 or even 10 years from now.

You want to industry stocks for seconds to times at most. I’ve seen many people who also help a stock for many, many weeks only to end up trading for a small loss. Meanwhile someone else is in and out of stocks all day long for a profit.

Tip Three: Play People

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t know what they’re doing, which is good for you. The stock market basically about us all being one team. It’s about some people on the losing side and some on the winning aspect. We can’t all win continuously. If we did, there would be no market.

Use your knowledge to your advantage. Here’s a fast example. I see a lot of positive “hype” news for a company coming out. I know people buy hype. The share goes up, I then short. The buzz goes away and all that’s left may be the same old company. The price goes down and am win. And it works in reverse as well.


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