Five Ways Brands Are Using Instagram to boost Engagement

Chances are, you no doubt will have heard of the most popular photo tool Instagram. This is an app available for smartphones that allows users to add visual effects to their pictures prior to sharing them through social media. Recently, Instagram has also emerged as an useful business engagement tool. It has excellent digital PR potential, so here are five ways brands can use the app to increase engagement.

Photo contests

One great option for brands using Instagram is to hold photo contests and encourage users to get into. The app is very easy to use and plenty of people have access to it, so there’s every chance you’ll get an excellent response – especially if there is an attractive prize on offer for the winner. This sort of competition can also lead to greater exposure, particularly if entrants share their pictures on their own social media pages.

Brand marketing

Companies can also use Instagram photos for their brand marketing. For example , as well as engaging a SEO agency to make sure a brand can be found in search engine results, a company can add extra appeal to their marketing with eye-catching Instagram pictures associated with products.
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These can be integrated into the social media strategy in order to encourage wedding.

Event promotion

Another way to encourage engagement using Instagram is to harness people power around upcoming events. Simply by tying in with pre-defined and top quality hashtags companies can invite customers to upload their own photos from the event along with the relevant hashtag thereby igniting conversation amongst your target audiences.

User photos

At the start of 2012, Instagram had 15 mil users. Now it has 50 mil. This rapid growth, plus the proven fact that many people love to share photos via social media, means that you can easily find social media users who also use Instagram. Sharing cool user photos upon Facebook and Twitter can be a great way for brands to engage with new comers and let them know that they’re appreciated. For instance, as well as running the more traditional picture competitions discussed above, you could get people to send in their favourite pictures in the understanding that you’ll share the best – giving your users publicity along with helping to promote your brand.

Behind-the-scenes details

Finally, some brands are also using Instagram to share behind-the-scenes pictures of the offices to give people more insight into them and help spread a more human image of their brand.

A growing number of social media marketing agencies are using Instagram to promote their brand, and so it’s definitely really worth checking it out to see the actual app could do for your organization.


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