Power Inverters Make Camping More Comfortable

The times of going off out in to the wild to camp and get away from it all, can today be made definitely more comfortable with a power inverter. For those unaware of these devices, power inverters come in a variety of sizes depending on the wattage of the equipment, or range of appliances that you are planning to power.

Power inverters work by changing the 12 volt charge in your vehicles battery into standard home power. Connection is simple and can be performed in two ways. The first, with little inverters, up to 300 watts, would be to simply plug the supplied finish socket of the inverter into the vehicles cigarette lighter. This will create a link and you can them plug small products such as iPods, mobile phone and the like into the power inverter and it will charge them.

With larger appliances, such as televisions, video’s and fans, the cost they draw is too much for your fuse inside the cigarette lighter and can invariably blow it. The reason for this is how the cigarette lighter connection is not designed for large current draws.
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The power inverter also comes with a pair of alligator clips so that you can connect the inverter straight to the battery, allowing you to draw just as much power as the appliance requires, along with larger inverters running to 3 thousands watts. A green light will display when the inverter is in use.

Like a safety precaution, most inverters come with an alarm that will sound when the automobiles battery drops down to 10. 5 volts, along with a red light visible to warn you of lowering power. When, or if, this occurs, simply start the vehicle that will in turn recharge the battery back to it’s normal 12 volt position. It is generally recommended that you start your battery each hour to ensure continuity of use if you are going to be running large items over long periods of time, like running portable fridges or tvs. Keep in mind that the power being drawn can be equal to what the appliance is drawing. For example , the power draw of a 1300 watt heater will continue to only be a 1300 watt draw, whether or not you are using an 1800 watt inverter, a 2400 watt inverter or perhaps a 3ooo watt inverter.

In short, the having a power inverter while camping out now takes a lot of the roughing it aspect out of the camping formula, allowing you to take most household appliances with you, no matter how far away you are through traditional house hold power sources.


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