Weapon Cabinets: Choosing the Right One

A home for your handgun, a mansion for your musket, a pied-a-terre for your gun and a roost for your rifle. For all those avid gun collectors out there, that gun cabinet is essential in storing, preserving and of course, displaying your prized collection.
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It’s time to get organized and I’m here to help by walking you through some of the things that you should think about when purchasing a gun cabinet.

1, 2, 3, 4….

The first thing you could consider is size. Dig to the very back of that closet associated with yours and pull out all of the weapons that you would like to display. Count them upward! Do you have 2? 10? 20? Not what you want to do is buy a cabinet that is too small and then have to “stuff” it. This does not make for an extremely appealing display nor will your guns be happy about it. Furthermore, do you plan to add to your collection in the future? If so, up your current count number a little to make room for additions down the road.

Where Am I Going to Put This?

Now that you have the size figured out, consider what layout you would like to have got for your display. Gun cabinets no longer just come in one shape, there are several to choose from and each provides a different way to view your guns. Along with layout, determine up front where in your home you will end up placing the cabinet. Will you be putting it along a wall or in a corner? You’ll want to choose a directly back cabinet if you’d like to place it get rid of with the wall, or a specially made corner cabinet if a corner display works best for you.

To Swivel or Not To Swivel? That Is The Question

Aside from the basics of size and shape, there are several other features to choose from that can add to the exuberance of your display. The swivel function is both functional and aesthetically appealing. It will allow you to easily accessibility your guns, just spin plus you’re there. And it’s also a feature you do not see a lot, making it that much more intriguing and unique. Some cupboards also feature shelving, typically along the side. This is a great feature if you have various other items in your collection that you want to display, such as casings from that will memorable hunt or other weapon accessories. Lower unit drawers or even displays are another option and they are perfect for displaying smaller guns as well as other items.

Display vs . Storage

Perhaps you’re looking for more discreet gun storage space rather than a full-fledged display. If so, a concealed gun cabinet is a great option. These types of pieces are often disguised as other items, such as a clock or curio cabinet, and have a hidden door or pocket to store your weapons. From rifles to hand guns, these also come in a wide range of sizes. A hidden cupboard is a great way to store your selection while adding a functional piece of furniture to your home.

There’s How Many Colors to Choose From?

Okay, you’ve got the size, shape and functions, now let’s look at color. Do you want to match the existing wood that inhabits your home or do you want to be daring and break the mold? It’s your call. If you’re in the market for the wood gun cabinet, there are several stains to choose from including Dark Cherry, Organic, Fruit Wood, Golden Oak, Dark Oak and Nutmeg. Along with colour, you will have the option of etched or decorated glass. Most decorated glass functions an outdoor scene (very fitting) along with yours truly; prey of choice.

Money, Money, Money, Money… MO-NEY

You’ve got a budget, stick with it. You can get a great gun cabinet no matter how much you have to spend. A large factor in determining how much a gun case will cost is material. A few woods/materials cost quite a bit more than others. However , going with a cheaper wood or even material does not necessarily mean that the cupboard will look any less appealing.


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