Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language

“The Five Love Languages of Children” book by Gary Chapman plus Ross Campbell may have been specifically created to help parents and those who deal with children, I have found that the same concepts can also be applied for adults.

The “Five Love Languages of Children” book has not only helped me to parent my children more effectively, it has helped me tremendously in my relationships with adults, namely my spouse, parents, siblings and friends. Fortunately for both my husband and I, we speak the same language; i. e. quality time. My husband works 12 hours daily on four weekdays and three and fifty percent hours daily for the rest of the week. So , we spend the Wed afternoons by doing things together as the children are away at school. We might run errands, go shopping, have pampering body and foot massages, rejuvenate at an anti-oxidant spa, watch a movie, attend workshops on self improvement, etc .

From the book I have also learnt to speak love in other amazing ways through physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service and gifts. The authors focus on the importance of using all the other four languages because every individual needs every one of them although he/she expresses and gets love best through the primary one particular. It is vital to learn your own primary really like language and of your partner’s to maintain a harmonious and loving relationship. Clashes may arise when both of you usually do not share the same love language.

Even before I finished reading the guide several years ago, I shared it with a friend who was having some learning curves in her marriage. She utilized to lament that her husband has been unappreciative of her efforts in order to cook him meals. Her husband was a frequent traveler who was utilized to dining at five-star hotels. My buddy admitted that although her cooking paled in comparison, she would still attempt to whip up her husband’s favourite meals whenever he was home. Her grouse was that he would eat very little and then “checked out” to meet plan his buddies for drinks and sometimes supper elsewhere.

It was so clear to me that my pal’s primary love language was “acts of service” followed very closely by “quality time”. Unfortunately the girl husband didn’t know that and, We realised, his primary love vocabulary was probably “gifts”. When my friend gave birth to her first born years back, her husband bought her a large bouquet of roses.
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I had left a comment that her husband had a great way to express his love and appreciation but she said these blue roses were not natural. The thing that was his comment? “Blue roses are usually unique and special, ” he said when my friend asked.


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