The storyplot of Bra Spider’s Enjoyment of Bra Cunny Rabbit’s Flight associated with Success

Perfekt Spider and Bra Cunny Bunny have always been friends. So close had been they that not a day passed with no one of them calling on the other. But from the two, Bra spider was the least educated, for he was significantly reluctant to go to school and improve himself. So in effect he in no way attended any school whatsoever. Anytime he was sent to school, he’d swear and protest as if he was going to be lynched. In his coronary heart he felt it was useless along with a sheer waste of time. So whilst his friend Bra Cunny Rabbit took delight in going to school and learning, in general, Bra Spider remained out in the street playing football. Despite this the two still remained pals. After Bra Cunny Rabbit returned from school, he and his friend would play together for some time.

Time continued as Bra Cunny Rabbit continued going to school regularly, leaving their friend lagging behind him. So he learnt much from his teachers which he accumulated and stored for ‘tomorrow’. Bra Spider on the other hand continued ceaselessly skipping college. He would rather play in road corners from morning until this kind of time when he reckoned the college day would be over than withstand the ordeal he felt school offered him.. Then he would return quietly home as if he was returning from school. He repeated this trick on a daily basis. Whilst he continued his truancy, his friend ongoing profiting from his lessons with school. Year after year, things went on in the same old way. Bra Cunny Rabbit brought home at the end of each year unfaltering information of success in his exams. Perfekt Spider, on the other hand, kept playing a game title of hide and seek with his parents. Regarding he had nothing good like his friend to report back.

Right after five years of sheer hard work, Bra Rabbit sat to his School Certificate Examination. By that time very little flesh was left on your pet as he had been going through almost endless sleepless nights for his strongest desire was to come out with nothing but the very best. So he drilled himself on all the subjects he had to take on a regular basis. At the end of that strict program he was satisfied with his hard work and thus confident of a resounding triumph at the end. He then resumed playing football with his friend Bra Spider yet again after a long break.
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They had thrilling together. But often Bra Index who was always on top of things in neuro-scientific play would taunt him, ” Say, bookworm. ” But Vettig Cunny Rabbit would just silently play on without paying much heed to his taunts. Soon, he or she was fully accepted again.

Ultimately, when the results were released Bra Cunny Rabbit came out tops. He had the very best result of all. He felt therefore proud of his great achievement. He or she almost went mad with pleasure and a sense of accomplishment as almost everyone kept commending his initiatives. Cunny Rabbit’s parents now carried their head right up in the community since every other person was full of respect for him as they kept congratulating him and his parents. But their happiness and joy became an origin of embarrassment, pain and torment to his friend who today secretly was beginning to regret without having followed the good examples of his buddy. As his pain and regrets grew more persistent, Bra Spider started dodging his friend, with regard to he didn’t know how to cover up their real feelings of jealousy and hatred for the success of their friend.

Bra Cunny Rabbit’s pleasure mounted even further when a few days later on he was awarded an UNESCO BURSARY to enable him to pursue further studies at Amherst College in the United States of America.

Bra Cunny Rabbit’s parents now carried their head even higher in the city as they were very happy and positive for the progress of their son. These people spoke with great pride about him to everyone they fulfilled or who met or stopped at them. They were now the center of attention as others became a member of them in sharing their pleasure and thanksgiving. But not everyone was joyful. Others there were like Bra Spider’s parents who reacted less enthusiastically. But then their anger at their own son’s failure to perform was expressed in very harsh terms: ‘Where were you all the time that you could not do as well as your friend? Did someone sit on your brain? “


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