The Nature and Scope of Software Engineering

Software program engineering looks into designing and implementing software applications and also modifying them so they are better suited to client requirements. It is one of the most important aspects of software development and is a must to be implemented in any organization that has undertaken software program development activities. Though a basic engineering degree in computer science is sufficient to work as a software engineer, a much better advantage would be to have a license. In the U. K, it is the British Software Society that licenses software technicians. In Canada, they have the Expert Engineer (P. Eng) designation, although as per the law, there is no necessity to get such qualifications.

There are several sub-disciplines in to which can be divided. These are software requirements, software design, software development, software testing, and software maintenance plus software configuration management. The need for software program engineering came about because of computing background. Problems such as the ‘software crisis’, ‘complexity barrier’ hindered progress which were in course of time resolved through numerous techniques that came to encompass in general.

While a software engineer also takes on the role of a programmer, a programmer will not take on the part of an engineer, which basically requires dealing with theoretical constructs of software plus hardware development. There are many job domains and these include programmers, hardware managers, network specialists and system testers. The overall purpose of this is to develop and keep systems that work reliably and which could meet up to the expectations of customers and which process information in an efficient manner. A point to be noted concerning this field is that though it incorporates programming, it also looks into factors such as understanding client requirements, designing process and testing to ensure that the application contours to standards that have been set.


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