Professional Affiliate Marketing Primer

Should you be new to the professional affiliate marketing Internet business playground, then you’re no doubt asking yourself what affiliate marketing is all about. In easiest terms, it is marketing and promoting various other company’s products/services on the Internet. You, the particular pro affiliate marketer, promote through no matter what means is available to you (your newsletter, blog, email, online advertising, etc . ), which then sends traffic and customers to another company’s website, who then does all the work — develop, sell and support the actual products and/or services; close up the sale; process the orders, take payments and make shipping; etc . — for the paying client.
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You, as the marketer and supply of that business, are then compensated a commission for your work. Which is it!

The whole business arrangement is basically revenue sharing. The company that provides the item or service being sold is generally the affiliate merchant, and he shares the revenue they generate with you, the particular affiliate marketer, for sending business their way. In most cases, the affiliate marketer percussion up that business through various forms of legitimate advertising techniques on the wide variety of online avenues and systems.

Note that generally, the affiliate merchant does not pay anything for the “marketing” and promotion until a purchase has actually occurred. This way, the merchant can minimize both danger and expenditures. Theoretically, the affiliate can then be rewarded more handsomely for taking on that marketing danger and expenditure. However , since the affiliate marketer does not need to take on the risk, investment plus expenditure of developing and assisting a product/service and administering the sale, the relationship is very much considered a win-win arrangement, with every party focusing on the part of the business these are good at and interested in.

Tracking, Determining and Paying Affiliate Income

The way the affiliate marketer essentially gets paid for their work depends entirely on the affiliate marketer merchant. In practically all situations, the arrangement is wholly maintained through an automated system, with the product owner using Internet server-based software that gives an affiliate marketer an unique link code or ID which the marketer should then use to identify all the traffic and customers he sends towards the merchant. This is really the only way the merchant can properly identify, credit and compensate the right affiliate for almost any business generated.

In some cases, an affiliate merchant uses the resources of a much larger affiliate network service (such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc . ) to administer its affiliate program. A few other merchants, on the other hand, choose to run their very own in-house affiliate system, keeping their own program independent from everybody else’s. In practically all cases, however , the basics of how an affiliate program trails and calculates affiliate commissions adhere to what is outlined above.

The vendor generally specifies the financial conditions beforehand (pay periods, minimum transaction thresholds, when money is compensated and how, etc . ), whether by using the services of a 3rd party service or runs its own affiliate program in-house. How an affiliate is ultimately paid is determined by these predetermined specifics, and they can run the gamut from being paid online through services like Paypal, having funds wired directly to an affiliate’s bank account, to having a physical check printed and mailed directly to the affiliate.

Although there is obviously a level of trust in the merchant involved in this arrangement, it works because not only is it to the affiliate merchant’s benefit to maintain a good working relationship with its affiliates in order to grow its business and ensure the continued success, the community of professional affiliate marketers is fairly tight-knit with considerable communications channels that quickly reviews any shadiness and negative business dealings. On top of that, affiliate programs that operate on third party network services offer an additional layer of protection and faith to the affiliate, with the networks helping ensure that all transactions are correctly tracked, calculated and compensated. This really is one reason that many professional affiliate marketers often adopt a policy that they will just work with affiliate programs that are administered through these third party affiliate network solutions.


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