Basic Guidelines to Calibrating the Levels of Consciousness

Calibration technique used for finding the Levels of Consciousness (LOC)is of practical benefits to the spiritual seeker. Because the road to God is the same as the road to the Truth, it is now possible to shorten our life journey.
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All humanity has for the first time in history, a powerful tool – like a compass, for a guidance. This is not dependent on one’s religion, or beliefs.

Although the energy field of consciousness is infinite in dimension, we are predominantly interested in the specific levels, correlating with human consciousness: from 1 to 1000, with the critical level at 200 – Truth. The most prominent researcher of consciousness, Dr David R Hawkins constructed “Map of the Scale of Consciousness” depicting in detail various energy fields associated with human emotions and attitudes. Because everything in the universe emits minute energy that remains in the field of consciousness permanently, we now can retrieve “records” from the past, of every person or being whoever lived; their deeds, feelings, thoughts, in the past and in the present.

To calibrate LOC, the kinesiological (muscular) response is used, to a specific stimulus, with the resulting “yes” or “no” answer. There are various methods available, depending on which muscles are used, or whether the test is conducted by a pair (tester and subject), or by a solitary tester. The response is very brief and instant, and is independent of personally hold beliefs. The tester must phrase the question being asked, in the form of a statement. A statement is answered by kinesiological response, in either “yes” or “not yes” form. The tester finishes spelling out his question by saying: “Resist!” when a force is applied to the subject’s extended arm. If the subject’s arm stays strong, it means “yes”. Otherwise, the answer is “no”. The question must be in the form of a statement.

There are important limitations to calibrating levels of consciousness. For yet unknown reasons, approx. 10% of the population is unable to conduct LOC calibrations, with the use of kinesiological techniques. Both the tester and the subject must calibrate above 200 – the level of integrity, and the intention of the test must be integrous. Permission must be sought before the test, by stating: “I am permitted to ask about what I am holding in mind.” Or, “This calibration that I am about to do, serves the highest good.Again, for yet unknown reasons, married couples are often unable to work together as the tester and the subject – tester and subject. Future cannot be tested. Calibrating the level of consciousness allows the spiritual seeker, and an “ordinary” person for that matter, to find truth and avoid wasting our precious lifetime on pursuing that which is false. This God-given ability gives us an unprecedented chance, first time in the history of mankind, to reject the falsehood and follow the Truth – the shortest way to discovering our own Self.


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