Lavatory Partition Style, Which Is For You?

Have you walked into a washroom and observed the bathroom partitions floating in the air and though wow, that looks cool? Or have you ever noticed? In possibly scenario you are not alone. There are four different styles to choose from when purchasing your toilet partitions. Familiarize yourself with each one, so you can make an informed decision as to what ideal you and your application.

Floor Mount over head braced: This is the most common, most cost-effective style of toilet stall. If you are looking for that most economical, basic style, this is actually the best style for you.
Ceiling put up (aka floating toilet partitions).
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These stalls are hanging, literally, from your ceiling. They are very modern plus clean toilet partitions. In my opinion, great for heavy duty washrooms with heavy duty cleaners. These are the easiest stall to clean the washroom floor: Nothing is touching the ground. The janitor can just mop and be on his/her way. This is really the main benefit of this style therefore if it is a concern or preference for you, you may want to consider this style. It does however , require special structure in the ceiling so ensure to review and budget for that extra cost.
Floor Mount: This style really is a matter of preference. Nearby like the look of the overhead braced stall, this would be your best option. Your have the bracing at the top and therefore can be an aesthetic preference for the designer/owner from the project. In my opinion, it is the most modern bathroom partition. This style is the second most economical toilet partition offered.
Floor and Ceiling Mount: This can be the “king kong” of bathroom partition styles. It mounts towards the floor and the ceiling. It is the most expensive; however , it is also the sturdiest bathroom partition on the market. So if you have issues about “rowdy” customers, or issues with stability in your stalls, this would be the ideal option for you.
As you can see there are 4 very different styles, that suit 4 very different needs. Please ensure you review and choose the right style for you. Final thing you want to do is pay thousands of dollars to change your partitions in a few years because you possess the wrong style for your application as well as your toilet partitions are not standing the test of time.


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