Electronic Marketing – What Is It?

Electronic marketing is also known as internet marketing or online marketing and it’s about identifying, expecting and satisfying customer requirements within the digital sphere while achieving your business goals.

It encompasses a wide range of on the web channels including pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and many more.

Additionally, it involves tracking, measuring, monitoring plus managing online campaigns to meet business goals, while satisfying target markets needs and wants. So , all activities start with goals and objectives and customers are at the heart of operations.

For true success along with digital marketing, it’s important to create a marketing plan or strategy that helps guide your activities and this is what you need to include in it:

Marketing Analysis

An analysis is a health and wealth check out of your business to assess how well you are performing on digital channels. It helps you to review your company to see what you lack and what you must do to achieve your mission.

An analysis also involves researching your competitors to find out who they are and how well resourced they are. Competitors come from all directions and include international businesses that are selling to the local target market and you can’t ignore all of them.

Your analysis will also look at your own target customers to find out who they are and exactly what they need or want. You will determine their demographics and assess if you are able to meet their requirements whether they are consumers or business customers.

Marketing Objectives

From your marketing analysis, you will have a wealth of information that will help you to craft your marketing objectives. Remember, your objectives are short-term and so they should be in line with your mission plus goals.

They should be specific, measurable, possible, relevant and time-related and you should consider your business resources as you create them.

Your objectives will guide your own strategy so it’s important that you take some time developing them and ensure that they are important to your company.

Target Marketing

In your marketing evaluation, you will have identified customer segments that you want to target with your products or services. Now you will need to identify which segments to target depending on your objectives and the resources that the business has.

This is one of the most challenging parts of your digital marketing plan and it’s important that you pick only the sections that will be profitable. So you should prevent targeting all segments because that will likely dilute your efforts and wear out your budget for little in return.
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Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is the bulk of your digital marketing plan and addresses your marketing mix elements like product, price, place, promotion, individuals, process and physical evidence. So these are all the marketing tactics that you have to implement to achieve your objectives

A lot of what you include here will have come from the research that you carried out in your audit and analysis.

Budgets and Handles

Lastly, you should set a budget that is sufficient enough to implement your own marketing tactics. If you have a small budget, you should only include those duties that are most important to your success.

Handle is about identifying contingencies and deciding what to do when things go wrong, because they usually do. So you need to frequently check and review progress and ensure that you are on the path to achieving your objectives.


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