Electronic Photo Editing Software For Free

Part of the fun of taking digital pictures is editing the final version making use of software to get the exact final result you need. There several great free software programs from the simple to the advanced which will help any amateur photographer. Here’s the top four picks for free photo editing software, based on what type of editing and enhancing you want to accomplish.
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Ifranview – both Editor and Viewer

Probably the quickest to learn and easiest to use with regard to basic cropping, adjusting colors, plus basic special effects is called Ifranview. Coach anyone how to around for years and if you just want to crop, or rotate, change the format, or fine tune the color balance of any kind of digital photo, this is an excellent option. Extremely simple but also easier to find out than any other photo editing software program. It’s small in size, fast in operation, and can be used as a slide viewers too.

Photoscape – Free Easy To Learn Photo Editor with Lots of Functions

If you want to get down to pixel editing and making advanced changes Photoscape is a very good choice. It is loaded with functions and also very easy to learn. Photoscape provides several modules for different editing chores that include a viewer, editor, batch processor, converter, layout print tool, screen capture, combining photos, and also a face search feature. This is a great photo editing software for children, ages 8 and up.

GIMP : Only For the Serious Amateur

For the serious amateurs who need powerful photo editing functions, GIMP (GNU Picture Manipulation Program) is a raster graphics editor that provides high-end functionality. Just like the commercial Adobe Photoshop software, that you can do many sophisticated editing tasks along with GIMP. In development since 1995, it is available on just about any platform such as the MAC OS. The features are usually extensive which means there is a serious understanding curve too. But for serious armatures it’s a great choice and can provide many of the same abilities of popular and expensive popular photo editing and enhancing software. But there is also a ton of tutorials and help forums that may get a new user up to speed quickly.

Picasa – Best Combo Photograph Editor And Online Sharing

And when you want to both edit and share your own photos online, Google has an on the internet application called Picasa. One of the many new online applications Google has brought out in the past few years, Picasa has many features and is very easy to learn and make use of. You can edit your photos, then organize into web albums and promote with anyone online with the Picasa Web Albums application. This also gives you a great way to backup photos just in case catastrophe strikes your home computer. You can also order hard prints and even different items with photos printed on them because gifts.

All of the software above has its own good features and provide the novice with a good free solution for photograph editing. You can find their website by looking by name at Google (too many links to put in article). All the software programs have a lot of support and it’s really fairly easy to find any answers in order to questions online. Some provide tutorials, some don’t even need tutorials they are so easy to learn and use.


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