What is the Best Type of Coffee to Use For Cold – Brew Coffee?

Sipping cold coffee on a hot summer day comes to mind fun and relaxation. But most of the brewers we see today only brew hot coffee so which one can brew an ice cold one?

You can still use your hot brewer. If you are using a glass carafe, transfer its contents to a stainless steel container or pitcher and add ice to make it colder. Just tweak the settings of the brewer and make stronger brew because the additional water from the ice can make it taste blander. It is also important to use a stainless steel brewer as it can break the glass container when it has been subjected to extreme heat and cooled down by the ice.

On the other hand, you can also invest on a good iced coffee machine. These are also available in the market and there are a lot of competent models. We searched for them and here are some products you can set your sights on:

Toddy Cold Brew System
What is great about this system is that it offers you either a cold or a hot brewing cycle. You can also use your favourite coffee beans. It brews coffee without using any electricity.

You will probably find the taste a bit different because it produces 67% less acid than the other brewing systems. If you the acid in coffee is what hinders you from enjoying it, then you can try this model.

Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffee Brewer with Iced-Beverage Function
This makes a single cup of flavourful coffee every time. What you will love about this is the taste. It really extracts flavour due to the showerhead incorporated in it. However, it also allows you to tweak its flavour due to the brew strengths it offers. You can tweak the temperature to the right level you want.

You can use K-cups in brewing this or a reusable K-cup which allows you to use your own favored coffee grounds. This machine speaks of versatility.
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Filtron 30LD Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee System
Despite its lack of popularity, this has received excellent ratings from consumers. What many people like about it is the iced coffee it makes. They say it is flavourful and it rivals the flavour of hot brewing systems.

It produces less acid. And despite the flavourful taste, it has less oil incorporated so you are in no danger of acquiring high cholesterol. This is definitely a good choice for the health conscious.


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