Display Your Biker Pride With Some Daring Harley Davidson Jewelry

Offering jewelry that truly means something to the recipient can be difficult.
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What makes this easier is finding a line of jewelry that reflects a special interest. In case your special someone is interested in motorcycles, after that Harley-Davidson jewelry may be the line for you.

Its Basic Black Necklace is a beautiful gift for the lady in your lifetime. The Harley-Davidson Bar & Protect logo is crafted into a heart shaped charm of solid silver that hangs from generous black-corded leather. A toggle clasp at the back keeps the necklace protected when she wears it. And it’s such a lovely piece that your girl will want to wear it all the time.

A similar necklace is the Harley-Davidson Open Spaces Bracelets. It, too, features a black wire, but this one is on the slim side, while the charm is a bit bolder. Made of sterling silver, it is accented with marcasite stones and 24 karat gold, and features the the Motorcycles logo. She’ll wear it with pride.

If your lady friend prefers to put on her jewelry on her fingers, consider giving her Rumble and Roll Ladies’ Ring. This is a bold band that still has that feminine look that suits her. The particular inner band spins freely of the outer band. Featuring the company logo in 24 karat gold, this ring is made of solid sterling silver.

The particular Spirit of Harley Ladies’ Stacking Ring is three rings in one. Each band is made of solid sterling silver and is accented with black pennie. The two outer bands are slim, but look substantial with their twinkling marcasite accents. The center band consists of diamond studs between 24 karat gold silhouettes of the Bar & Shield Logo, giving this ring a fiery flash.

If ear-rings are more her style, she’ll like the Davidson Wings of Wonder Jewelry. This design-unique to its-looks just like a pair of eagle wings spread within flight. The earrings are designed of solid sterling silver and accented with the Harley-Davidson logo in precious metal. A black bead dangles through the bottom tip of each pair of wings, making sure these earrings catch the eye.

Earrings that are a bit more delicate, yet maintain that its edge would be the Ladies’ Barbed Wire Earrings. Crafted of sterling silver in an intricate coronary heart shape, each earring features the particular Bar & Shield logo in 24 karat gold. The barbed wire styling gives it grace and boldness that will suit the girl personality.

Bracelets may be the ultimate in the jewelry. The Harley-Davidson Tribal Band looks as cool as the girl does. Crafted in solid rhodium-coated brass, it looks like silvery flames on her wrist, and the 24 karat gold Harley-Davidson logo adds to the fire.

If you’re looking for a gift for a man who likes to ride, then you aren’t go wrong with a Harley-Davidson Live to Ride Ring. This is truly a male’s ring, crafted in solid silver. An eagle sits on a history of black enamel and is flanked by Harley-Davidson emblems. Gold accents this ring, too, giving it a rich, masculine shine.

The Harley-Davidson Heavy Metal Ring is a bold piece of jewelry for a fellow biker. Designed of solid sterling silver, it is shaped like a genuine Harley-Davidson lug-nut and it is topped with the company logo. 24-karat gold accents this powerful ring that will any biker would be proud to wear.

Harley men don’t mind wearing bracelets, especially when they look as cool as the Men’s Iron Novelty helmet Torque Bracelet. This one is made of solid brass that is plated in rhodium and accented with 24 karat gold. Crafted in the torque style it features a screaming eagle and the Harley-Davidson logo.


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