U-Haul Truck Rental: An Overview

Vehicle rental has been very helpful for people who require vehicle for moving. Since there are numerous companies that offer this kind of service, you can have several options when it comes to hiring a pickup truck. One of the best truck rental companies will be the U-Haul Truck Rental. This company is based in Phoenix, Arizona and it gives high-quality service since 1945.

Leonard Shoen established this truck rental company and owned by AMERCO, a holding firm that also runs Amerco Real Estate, Oxford Insurance coverage and Republic Western Insurance. The rental fleet of U-Haul consists of trailers, trucks and different other automobiles and equipments.

The van cabs and heavy-duty pickup trucks made by Kia and General Motors are paired with the truck boxes made by U-Haul in the fabrication plants located from different areas in North America. All of the trucks and trailers of this company are powered by gas.
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They also have 2 major classifications for equipment in its rental fleet. The first kind of equipment is called Rotation of In-Town.

This is owned by franchise or designated to a particular store by the organization. Next is the One-way equipment which was owned by the company and is generally used for one-way trips. U-Haul also released a campaign about the Newest Trucks and it has been creating newest one-way trucks as a whole.

Moreover, U-Haul Truck Rental has wide ramps and low decks to help you to weight all your belongings in the truck very easily. Once you hire this rental company, you can be ensured that it will give you the 24-hour emergency road service as you transport in one place to another. Moving made easy with this company.

They offer broad spaces for all of your things that need to be moved. The 26″ truck associated with U-Haul is 13 percent bigger than its other competitor. They also offer EZ-Load Ramps that are shorter, broader and more rigid than any other ramps in the industry. You can be at peace when they shift all your things because they can give you 100 percent protection for your goods.

Each of the pickup truck of U-Haul comes with safety features, such as high visibility, air bags, seatbelts, damage insurance and 24-hour emergency road assistance. This company also offers lower rates compared to other truck rental companies. You do not need to worry looking for U-Haul Truck Leasing because there are more than 15, 000 shops located across the United States and Canada.


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