How to Mask Your Man Boobs

Eliminating man boobs takes some time, however, fastest method that doesn’t require unpleasant and expensive surgery will take several weeks until the man boobs may disappear.

In the meantime, the moobs can be extremely bad for your self-esteem and you most likely don’t want to be judged by others because you have man boobs. Therefore there is only one possibility, you have to conceal your man breasts.

There are quite a few method you can use to hide them with clothes. It’s important that you choose the right colors and materials. Let’s take a talk about the colors first.

Brilliant colors take the attention to your body. This is what you want to prevent, so wear darkish colors. A pattern and/or logo design can also help, because they take away the interest from the viewer. A logo within the chest has also a good side-effect, it stiffens the clothing. This will be the next point.

Choosing the right material is important because the stiffer the material, the much less other people will see of your body plus man boobs. Cotton work great here.
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If you don’t like thick t-shirts, you can wear more than one thin shirt. A great looking method is to wear a clothing and an open button-up shirt over the top of it. Try it out.

The last method is to use compression to hide the moobs. You can try wearing a tight shirt underneath, but make sure you wear a looser one over it. If this isn’t enough, try a compression shirt. If you need an extreme method, try a sports bra. It will most likely take some courage to try and buy one, but it will help a lot.


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