Michoacan: Home of the Greatest Mexican Artistry

To numerous travelers, Michoacán is the most beautiful, artistic and cultural state in Mexico. This is the home of Tarascans, nearby tribe which is world famous with its multi-colored handcraft masterpieces and folk music and arts.

The beautiful town Patskuaro was founded in 1324 in fact it is situated on the coast of Lake Patskuaro, one of the highest located ponds in the world. Nowadays, it is the center associated with ‘hecho a mano’ craft tradition and it is a great starting point of your vacation around the state. Every Friday is really a market day and you can see lots of women wearing the well known colorful conventional costumes selling different handcraft souvenirs and goods. Paskuaro is popular with its high quality wool textile as well as the nearby town called Santa Clara del Cobra is famous with all the hand- wrought cooper craft. You can even see and buy many handcraft pottery and furniture which will easily make every home more beautiful and stylish.

It is not strange that Michoacán is a major handcraft center of Mexico. In the early seventeenth century, a Spanish bishop arrived in the capital of the state, Morelia, intending to arrange the local villages in some kind of build groups. He wanted each city to acquire different craft and these days, his basic ideas remain intact. A simple review of the local crafts can be carried out even without leaving Morelia. Within Casa de Artesanias which is situated on San Francisco Square you can see an exhibition of the best regional folk art plus crafts.

Morelia, the most European design city in Mexico is also a house of “Villa Montanya” hostel. It is located in the hills of Santa Maria among lush greenery and panoramic views of the city beneath it. You can see many regional handicraft and antiques in this magnificent People from france style complex.

Unique villas, labyrinth of courtyards and cobbled alleys create wonderful atmosphere which will simply make you feel good and pleasant. You may also try the original and world famous conventional Mexican food, which with a large amount of fine Mexican wine will make your vacation unforgettable and amazing. The fantastic views are always in competition using the great food, so if you find the balance you will definitely have the most wonderful amount of time in your life. The local people are so friendly it will really be hard for you to leave this little piece of heaven in the world.

It will be easy for you to find Patskuaro. The city is located 50 km southwest from Morelia. The best time when you can visit Patskuaro is in the beginning of November.
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You can take part of the local festival Dia de mis Muertos, a commemoration of the lifeless. It is the time of the year if you want to feel the spirit and traditions of the residents. If you want to spend your vacation right now there you will not need too much money. There are many journey agencies which can offer you some actually affordable travel packs. Just check around the internet and you will be able to visit and learn more about the art center from the great Mexico.


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